Thursday, February 13, 2014

Looking like a Flamingo.

I had such high hopes for today. Thursdays are usually a child free crafting day. One girl at school, one at preschool and mummy has some peace. Not so today as it was an INSET day! Therefore no crafting has been done (yet), but I have had a very nice day with my eldest daughter, shopping and then lunching with Grandma and Grandad.

Shopping with Grace was rather interesting. She might one day make a personal shopper, the outfits she puts together might be a tad unusual though. The shoes she chose were rather special, very high and very, very sparkly, sitting down shoes really. I did however take her advice and buy the pink jumper that she spotted and shouted, "Get this mummy, you'll look like a flamingo."

Jen. x


  1. Are you getting the nails to match Jennie????

    1. Pinky orange nails? Don't think it's my colour!