Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Show me, show me!

Wow, what a day! I'm still suffering from a stinker of a cold but that didn't stop our family outing to the Chris and Pui roadshow. Now anyone without children of the age of five or below will have no idea who they are. They are in fact two wonderfully nice people who have a show on CBeebies. The live show was great and they came out to meet everyone afterwards. Grace had written them a letter, Pui took the time to read it, and was determined to decipher Grace's handwriting. How lovely!

Anyway, after a nap and getting the kids to bed I retreated to my craft room determined to create this evening. I have had my Stampin' up stuff for quite a while but frustratingly, I've not had any time to have a play. So that was my mission this evening. So firstly, I made this card.

I used the Polka-dot Pieces Stampin' up set. The two coordinating punches are great to cut out the stamped image, especially as 'fussy' cutting is not a favourite of mine.

My next project happened by accident. I just checked my emails and saw one from Youtube showing the new videos from channels I follow. This little box was one from a lady called Pootles. She is also a Stampin' up demonstrator. She makes some lovely stuff. The little box has cute little windows. I added some acetate to the inside so I wouldn't need cello bags as the video suggested. I think I might make another so the girls could have one each for easter egg collecting! (Only mini eggs mind you, the box is made from and A5 sheet of card!) 

I did realise how good the Stampin' up punches are whilst making this box. I didn't have the correct sized round punch from Stampin' up so had to use and old one. That really did struggle to go through two pieces of card, it did survive, just! But I will be investing in some more Stampin' up punches soon.

I hope you like the projects, I'm very pleased with them. I must now head off to bed and hope this cold 'does one' over night!

Jen. x

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  1. Love the card and the stamp!! I to have been watching pootles she does have some good ideas but think yours are just as good, keep it coming Jennie and sending you a crafty hug to make you feel better.x