Monday, March 10, 2014

Being AWOL.

Hello. I am aware that I've been away a while. Well, it was Hannah's birthday on Friday and her party on Saturday, so most of last week was consumed with party preparations.
I had great fun making and decorating her birthday cake. We decided on a mermaid cake to fit with her swimming pool party, so it was all on a watery theme.

That also gave me a good excuse to buy a new Lily of the Valley stamp: a mermaid!  I made a cute card at the last minute, and I'm rather chuffed at the blending of the colours where her top meets her tail. I'm getting better with my promarkers but still have a way to go yet.

Now I'm planning my next card night. The Mothers' day card in a box. I've sent out the texts and ladies are booking up the places. So now I need to get busy organising that. I also want to have time to squeeze in some more little crafty ideas to share with you soon, so watch this space!

Jen. X

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